This is what made me feel like I needed a transmission cooler anyway, since the reason is because it works like a non-towing package version, which I had. for around $900. Continue with Google. I just purchased a 2019 4Runner Limited. It should have no problems with a 3000lb trailer. Waldo … Do I need to install a transmission cooler? Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 5, 2015 (Edited) Hello, We were planning on towing a 1-axle (3,500 lb limit) camper trailer soon with some amount of cargo inside the Highlander (just two people). Discussion in '5th Gen 4Runners (2010 +)' started by Telescopist, Jan 3, 2019. Posts: 691. Subaru confirmed she could add the FULL towing package including transmission cooler, hitch, bar, harness, etc. Am I concerned, Yes given the fluid temperature I am seeing so I will be fitting an additional cooler. Join the discussion. Towing is hot work. Automatic transmission fluid deteriorates with use, and especially with heavy use, such as towing and/or driving in mountainous terrain. The car is rated to pull 3500 lbs. 04-15 … you are close to or above Nissan's maximum recommended towing capacity, (2.) Imagine running a marathon … Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Also getting electric assist breaks. They are yet to make the perfect vehicle capable of performing in all conditions without some alteration . But a temperature gauge is a good addition too. ;) ... complete with additional transmission oil cooler,my question to you experienced Touareg adding another transmission oil cooler necessary? 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. you frequently tow a lot of weight in mountainous terrain, or (3.) Typically, the factory transmission cooler is inside one of the radiator tanks. The dealer wants to add power steering cooler & transmission cooler for over $1200. Adding Tow Package to Honda PIlot. Towing/Offroading. Every Ford 10R80 has a cooler installed, and after several years of service in the F150 I haven't seen anything to suggest that something else is needed. Adding a transmission cooler is a good idea. Other than using a manual transmission, the traditional method to solve this problem is to install a towing package, which usually consists of a separate transmission oil cooler, instead of using the regular oil cooler which is part of the engine cooling radiator. My old '06 Subaru 2.5 had a towing capacity of 2000 and I towed my three seater down I-95 ~600 miles when I moved to Myrtle Beach. Heat is the major factor. I think even in Maine is gets hot. I plan on towing a 21 foot Escape travel trailer. Our questions are: Do we really need them or can we just get an after market hitch for less than $500. The coolers are required when towing anything, now if it was just a bike hitch with the mountain bike I would ask the question, but if your pulling something I would totally advise getting the Transmission cooler. Hot transmission fluid running through the cooling system causes 50% of all radiator boilovers. Transmission cooler necessary for towing with car?? By your message, you seem to be aware of our towing recommendations for your 2009 Forester and that we do not feel that a transmission cooler is necessary, which is why we do not offer one. If you are looking for a more heavy duty transmission cooler for towing or drag racing applications for example, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to over $200. Who really needs a transmission oil cooler? I've got a 2017 Frontier SV V6 4.0 & will be towing a 5.5-6k# loaded travel trailer from FL to NC, TN, VA. Permalink . Granted the car was a 5 speed but I had no problems with it what so ever. Not all towing has to be detrimental, however. Save Share. An auxilliary transmission cooler, properly installed, is a good idea. For the same reason, the addition of an auxiliary transmission fluid cooler isn’t just necessary for those who tow trailers anymore. Below I will provide you with our statement regarding aftermarket products. 57 Posts . The cooled liquid is then sent back to the transmission in a continuous loop. A separate tranny cooler on an automatic is never a bad or expensive idea but in your case I wouldn't consider it a necessity. I’ll be getting a Transmission issues + Transmission cooler needed? Reply . Our 1973 Ford F-350 was in need of a transmission cooler to protect it from future damage; a process that can be done to any automatic transmission. _____ Greg 1. Transmission cooler kits usually come with all the necessary tools, hardware and directions to install it yourself. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s impossible to overcool an automatic transmission. 6 Posts . A transmission cooler is a component that you can add on to your transmission that, big shock here, cools your transmission. Best of Deals Car Reviews Repair Shops Cars A-Z Radio Show. The '27 T runs 383 SBC & Turbo 350. I have a 2009 Kia Sedona with a 6 cyl engine and will be pulling a Spree Escape E19SB. The designers aren't perfect, even back in the 80s the manufacturers advised fitting a transmission cooler if towing . Towing increases the load on the transmission, and this produces more heat. For the other reasons, the addition of a transmission fluid cooler is not only necessary for that car’s who used the trailers systems anymore. A transmission cooler will only set you back 200 bucks MAX, and a new van would be 30 Grand. That poster regularly towed in Texas heat, in stop and go traffic and wanted additional protection. Is this true? you had previously "bypassed" the original in-the-radiator ATF cooler (to avoid the SMOD problem that some 2005-2010 V6 Frontiers had). However, common issues with this particular transmission cooler kit include not receiving the necessary parts to install the cooler and occasional design flaws with the plates. I emailed Toyota here in Aus ( not the dealer) and Toyota said that no additional cooler is necessary when towing up to the approved load. Another method is a transmission fluid temperature warning to alert the driver to stop and let the transmission cool off. Date: 10:56 AM Feb 20, 2020. Telescopist [OP] New Member. The trailer dealer said I should get a tow package installed including the Reese type hitch, 7 pin electrical, fan clutch, and transmission cooler. The curb weight of the trailer is 2600 lbs. It's combined as one part with the A/C condenser, but the fluid flows through it's own independent path. A vehicle that we use for towing may sometimes benefit from an additional transmission cooler. 6 speed manual transmission (only Honda Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline can tow 3500lbs at max, Honda transmissions arent built for abuse), specially designed coolers, reinforced body, brakes and suspension. If your van has the towing package, which, in 2005, included a transmission cooler, the cooling should be adequate. Many manufacturers are now also recommending the addition of a transmission cooler if you carry extra passengers or cargo (ie – vacation, car-pool), drive in stop-and-go traffic, drive in hot or very cold weather, or climb steep inclines. (1.) It does so by cooling heated fluid that is sent through it by using the air flowing over the fins of the cooler. Our Territory seems to operate well now that additional oil cooling is provided,what’s the general consensus? An auxiliary cooler may help with temperature that rises slightly above this when towing. Will the addition of the two coolers affect MPG when not towing? bing in waterloo Posts: 4387 Joined: Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:01 am Location: Waterloo, ON Vehicle: 2018 Ltd AWD White Gold w/ APP. The boost in towing for the adventure is that literally everything has been upgraded for towing. On the trip using my 2020 PP Elite with OEM hitch and transmission cooler the tow was effortless. Also, a transmission cooler … Post by bing in waterloo » Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:21 am. Only one poster in my memory, with a 2005 3.3l van, added an additional cooler. Because of this when my spotter (wife) was on my right while backing and turning, I dented the left rear quarter panel of the PP with the trailer front end. I monitor the fluid temp with Scangauge as there is a temp sensor built into the transmission. Transmission Cooler needed? An auxiliary transmission cooler will not increase the towing or hauling capacity of a vehicle. Continue with Facebook. I know they come as part of a trailer towing package on any factory vehicle. Towing and Your Transmission. Top. It's money well spent. GMC said she did not need a transmission cooler but their towing reviews were terrible. A lot of cars have a transmission oil cooler as an option, usually with a trailer-towing package. Discussion Starter • #1 • 12 mo ago. And its only that new model. There was a service bulletin with these transmission coolers in cold weather where the thermostat wouldn't open and the transmission would overheat while towing. I always get that although I will never tow a trailer, because anything you you can do to keep it alive longer is better. HOWEVER, my Toyota parts dealer said a transmission cooler is not necessary. You just need a more powerful vehicle. Building the '27 T we have a smaller radiator (height & thickness space restrictions) and to keep the motor & transmission cool we decided to run an auxillary tranny cooler with an electric fan. The total dry weight of this trailer is 3210#. The Toy dealer said the tranny fluid also runs through the radiator anyway, so the fan clutch is sufficient. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. 99% sure it was in the ford owners manual under towing . For high performance street cars or trucks that are subjected to heavy loads or towing, bigger is always better. How do we know if we need one on a vehicle that is not equiped with one and will be pulling a trailer. If there was, Ford would sell an auxillary cooler for it in the F150 tow package, but they don't. I have a 2014 Touareg with towing package, towing a 5000 lb travel trailer. Since excessive heat is your transmission’s worst enemy, a trans-cooler is an ideal and often necessary towing accessory.