You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_specification,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_qna,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner. I have accessed all the codition you have raised but not find any demerits of exterior and interior flaw in my car. If you are OK with 5seater go for nexon. EMI breakup details : Ex-Showroom 7,59,000 On-Road Price 8,51,665 Loan Amount 6,83,100 Down Payment 1,87,897 Monthy EMI 14,682 . Looks very good. it is your choice which one to go for. Yes it is comfortable, especially with second row row available with front back movement. And that 1.5 vtec engine won't disappoint you either its fun and capable of doing 0-100 kmh in 10.12 which is Honda crv diesel numbers and creta diesel numbers which are both expensive and not that practical as brv but if you don't care about performance and handling then brv would be wast of money for you I would suggest ertiga is all round better and more spacious than brv but not as punchy or exciting to drive as Honda brv. Marazzo diesel engine is superb. Yes zig wheels ner ertiga now on the road . ZXI plus(MT) is offered with a 17.8 Cm Touchscreen SmartPlay Infotainment whereas Maruti Ertiga ZXI (AT) is provided with the Audio System With Electrostatic Touch Buttons. The Ertiga is based on the Heartect Platform that employs high-tensile steel. Marazzo is an Indian at heart with Pinferrliasdesign an Italian with a full 8 seater capacityelegant dash board rear a/c vents in a diesel varient .Rest will see ..either mahindra is planning for petrol hybrid or an futuristic automatic or fully electric? Diesel for power and touring capacity which needs a diesel engine to carry 7.hybrid engine gives good mileage with a turbo kick. If your monthly average is 2k a month, then go for petrol as you will not be driving enough for diesel engine to heat up and also by 2020, most of diesel cars are getting banned or you can say petrol will be cheaper n of good quality. New Maruti Ertiga would be a great option if you want a more fuel efficient car and want to keep it for long. 3. still I purchased 29000 aftermarket accessories which required from outside shop, Ldi is the base model of the car u won’t get all the features by company whereas vdi is the mid variant of the car u will get almost everything except airbags nd whereas zdi nd zdi+ are the fully loaded models u will get all the equipments installed by the company along with airbags as well, Ldi is a base variant in which u can't get all the features vdi and vdi (o) get almost all features including air bags zdi and zdi+ u will get every feature u will get alloy wheels 7 inch touch screen infotainment system and etc, In compare budget you should prefer ertiga and If your budget is high then you should go for marrazo, Sorry wrong comparison Ertiga is a economy car,Hexa is a classy car, Thier are many difference i provide you link. You Can go.but i suggest Vxi.because entertainment is also As of now, there is no official update available from the brand side regarding the launch of a 8-seater version of Ertiga. Honda BRV for sure. Mileage, safety, Fresh interiors and ambience with minimal maintenance cost. It's very comfy until and unless you are 6ft and stuck in last row. New had better hybrid engine claims more mileage good interiors safety features rear top ac vents new rear . If we talk about Mahindra Marazzo, unlike the Ertiga, the Mahindra Marazzo is a body-on-frame MPV. Basic safety like dual air bags, ABS EBD, ISOFIX CHILD SEAT in all, even in high-end variant. and budget wise ertiga will be lesser.but no comparison b/w these both vehicle. C-103, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III, New Delhi - 110 020, India, © 2021 Comnet Publishers Pvt. In my opinion it would be BRV. Vdi means middle class and zdi means first class. But for children it's manageable. Yes Ertiga 2018 model comes with company fitted CNG. No , not in my knowledge. So check and provide it positively. in general it has more premium aspects and depends on how you make use of the features. stable on high sped6. For the availability, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better person to assist you because it depends on their stock book -, If course it will be there ...its a s- cng you can start the vehicle on a cng. But Ertiga is not AMT rather it is AT, Automatic transmission I think ertiga amt3not available in present models. Yes Ertiga is safe and has soft. So, you can buy according to your budget. Same engine and specs but In xl6 no diesel option it's bad for a 7 seater.maruti may withdraw the 1.5 litre diesel ot electric?so if you opt for petrol enjoy xl6 from nexa its design is fantastic good detailing. Rest average performance are all great. It comes with the option of a 5-Speed Manual and 4-Speed Automatic transmission gearbox. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Fuel Tank Capacity varies from 45 to 60 litres. About resale, the fact (depending where you reside) people prefer well maintained diesel over petrol any day. As of now its ertiga ,though in different segments we are comparing both for its features for that ertiga is not lagging behind xuv 300 except dual tone ac projector head lamp and a high horse power in xuv 300.All safety features plus infotainment system touts plush seats rear wipers rear auto a/csafety features plus an hybrid engine which gives ample power as a 7 seater. Though, getting in to the third row is a bit challenging and you have to squeeze yourself between the C-pillar and the second row seat to get into the third row. If u want comfortable seating go for crysta or if u want mileage with less budget with less features with small cabin then ertiga remember one innova crysta 2.8z money can bring u two ertiga zdi+. I live in Delhi so I won't be able to answer you about hilly areas....but I own a CNG vxi version of ertiga and trust me it's pickup and performance is way much better than many petrol cars that I have driven....if you have budget of 9-11lac and want a car which is powerful and elegant and also a 7seater then In this budget nothing is better than ertiga.I'm very much satisfied with it ..Hope this will help you ! Rear Suspension. The diesel Ertiga, on the other hand, will continue to come with a 1.3-litre 89PS/200Nm diesel engine with a 5-speed MT. For more information on the same, we'd suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized service center. I think ertiga...bcoz ertiga is best car for 60/70 km running daily... Ertiga automatic transmission is good but is late in shifting gears, Ertiga with 1.5 litre engine ertiga performance is extremely good with 6 speed tramission and it's a petrol engine and it is extremely refined it's go like butter it is extremely smooth. But body is very light, needs improvement in roof structure. I have a request to MSI - that the car been purchased early 2019 are BSIV . We the buyers of that session would like to place a request to MSI - to recall the cars and convert them to BS6 at some nominal cost options plus add LED DRL front and back will boost the car sales definitely by after sales care for the customers with update versions thus will add recommendations from existing customers to new buyers for MSI cars and continued customer care. Value for money, will again buy this car. Just pop out the back seats and you are good to go. the Nexa the Xl6. Ask your question from Ertiga owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, Should you upsize your car tyres? What is the Fuel Tank Capacity of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? I would suggest you to go to the nearest dealer , No,you can get reverse parking camera only in ZDI+ from showroom. Dealers have started bookings, I have done it today. Marazzo is bulkier from outside but the interior space is cramped. It supports android ( android auto ). Ertiga is not a replacement for Scorpio in my opinion, Hard in tight roads although it has good performance. The kerb weight of Ertiga is 1135-1170 Kg. It's completely stable at high speeds and the abs works amazingly..And his reaction after it was epic tooHe thought some guy was standing in the middle of the expressway . Diesel is powerful but if u r buying a new one, go for petrol version. Not much effect on Diesel model. or marazzo? come yo real grounds go for the variants of ertiga fuel options , done almost with all interior updates to get to the Arena outlets .Has rear vents good leather seats auto hybrid as in ciaz great mileage so verdict why go for a Marazzo now.Thanks. No, Ertiga is not a SUV , instead it is a MUV. you can search on google also. Yes. if you don't have budget issues go for xuv 500. where you can get mid variant for 18 lakh, Budget , comfort , efficiency - Ertiga the best, 1.5 litre diesel is the best for the 7 seater.unless it don't met with bs6 expectations, If your budget under 11lakhs you can go for vdi if your budget above 11 lakhs you can go for zxi, VDI GOT MORE ACCESSORIES,WHERE AS LDI DOESNT HAS ANY ACCESSORIES,ITS A BASE MODEL,AND IT DEPENDS ON YOUR BUDGET WHICH ONE YOU GO FOR, Lid you get less feature and less priceVdi you get more features and increase price, Go for Marazzo it's more comfort than ertiga, Good.. mine is running 11k+ KMs and getting 20+ mileage, Yes it's solved in new variant..if you still have a doubt you can book yourself a test drive, I WOULD PREFER THE NEW 2019 ERTIGA,AS IT IS RELIABLE FOR ITS PETROL ENGINE,IF YOU WANNA GO FOR DIESEL THEN AND HAVE A HUGE BUDGET THEN GO FOR MARRAZZO ELSE STILL ERTIGA,I WOULD HAVE STILL PREFER ERTIGA. Disappointing thing is that door glass cleaning wiper also not coming with VXI model. or any you can suggest. Other key specifications of the Ertiga include a kerb weight of 1235, ground clearance of and boot space of 209 Liters. If you can afford Marazzo do not even look at Ertiga.This Maruti has the more horrible 3rd row seating a person can imagine. You may click on the given link and select your city accordingly for an estimated. The 7 seater Ertiga ZXI AT has a 4 Speed Automatic transmission. Maruti Ertiga 1.5 vs Mahindra Marazzo Comparison of Interior space and dimensions But, this variant offers driver seat height adjustment which comes in handy if you aren’t of average build. For more details, you may visit the nearest authorized, Selecting between the fuel type depends on your daily running with the car. Yes see the zig wherl review.its featuristic rear a/c vent is automatic .they will not ask you 'thoda a/c kardona please ', I don't find it sufficient. If you are looking for a budget family-car, having average desired power and features, Ertiga would be the best option. Yes, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga comes with a BS6 engine. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. If we talk about ZXI variant, over VXI, it gets Automatic Climate Control, Height Adjustable Front Seat Belts, Smart Access Card Entry, Engine Start Stop Button, Central Console Armrest, Outside Temperature Display, Height Adjustable Driver Seat, Fog Lights Front, Rear Window Wiper, Rear Window Washer, Rear Window Washer and Alloy Wheels. Maruti Ertiga is currently available in Petrol and CNG engines. However, final decision will depend on physical condition of Innova, Km driven, No. Sedan with excellent performance in our roads choose dezire petrol or diesel up to your usage.ertiga is a 7 seater innova killerdiesel 1.5 litre will be my personal choice if you have to play in those intercity higheways. Maruti already declared that, if Diesel engine demands still continue they will again think on this. bu trecently i drove Mahindra Morazzo which surprisingly delivered 21 kmpl on highway and 19 in the city.I would say it all depends upon your driving style and the cars engine and its dynamics. No zero percent . Kerb Weight. As per your requirements, you may go for Maruti Ertiga as it is a 7-seater car. Read Maruti Ertiga VXi Automatic review and check the mileage, shades, interior images, specs, key features, pros and cons. Note though that the XL7 has a gross vehicle weight of 1,730kg which is slightly heavier than the top-of-the-line Ertiga GLX’s 1,710kg. Now with a new face and a slightly bigger engine, the small MPV remains a worthy seven-seater contender with a price tag that’s as tall as Caco. So economically it's the best choice for business purpose for sure. Both are different segment vehicle, xuv is SUV and ertiga is muv. You need manage a lit bit. I am very happy with my car and after 3rd servicing the average mileage is 17 km. Diesel variant will offer more fuel efficiency although it is priced higher than the petrol one. Next. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Fuel Tank Capacity varies from 45 to 60 litres. An excellent 7 seater ..please see the in cng too...xl6 from nexa is its twin.. 2020 is there...there is an s cng which starts on a cng...good value for money. Very minimal. The Ertiga is a 7 seater MPV and has a length of 4395 mm, width of 1735 mm and a wheelbase of 2740 mm. It, s you choice how drive your car if you have purchase a petrol angine it, s god because petrol engine best for diesel engine because petrol engine maintenance is very cheap for diesel engine because petrol engine always powerful for diesel engine. It was the only car of the lot where my 6'3" son could sit comfortably in 3rd row. so here i would suggest Mahindra Morazzo, It shows at which speed you can get maximum mileage, Go for test drive and deside which is ur need, Not for raceingFor family trips it is best. Zxi is top end variant push button start rear view camera apple car player rear ac vent automatic!! I know we can fit it from market,but this is also necessary. Mamual for a CVT to carry 7 heavy baggage.not much highway tours go for petrol amt enjoy the interiors. Spare parts atleast for maruti won't be an issue. The 1462 cc CNG engine generates a power of 91.19bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 122Nm@4400rpm. The Ertiga, on the other hand, will serve you better if you do both city as well as highway stints frequently. What is the on road price of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZXI AT in New Delhi? Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Ertiga has a mileage of 17.99 kmpl to 26.08 km/kg. So it automatically cuts off the AC compressor and when the car is moving the cooling starts again. The kerb weight of Maruti Ertiga is 1135-1170 Kg. Suzuki Ertiga is a 7 seater MPV car available in a price range of ₱743,000 - ₱993,000. Also it has better build quality. The maintenance is also slightly higher then ertiga. Overall good ,pick up is good. Hahaha. If u looking for alloy and push button start then zdi, Ertiga ldi stopped...Vdi 1129000/- on road Chennai. I will prefer Ertiga over Marazzo as it is much more spacious then Marazzo. The ride quality and comfortabilty is far better than Maruti Suzuki cars. I drive vdi version in tourist field mainly in konkan ghats.. Loaded with features. I have diesel variant. It gets captain seats for the second row right from the base M2 variant. Also the built quality and the interior switch qualities are not up-to mark. Kerb Weight: 1090 kg : Height: 1690 mm : Ground Clearance: 180 mm : Gross Weight: 1695 kg : Width: 1735 mm If you drive more than 50kms in a day then the CNG would be a better option for its better fuel efficiency, whereas the petrol would be a good option if the daily usage aren't that high. The Triber is a good choice if most of your driving is in the city. But they said they will not stop production of diseal Engine in future but presently discontinued due cost factor in upgradation of such engine to BS6. I always keep 32 psi in all tyres. Yes on top varient. Realistic fuel economy depends on you mainlyin power driving petrol)diesel gives youcity 8- 11/9- 12highway 11- 15/12-17in economy drivingcity 9- 12/11-14highway 13-16/15-19. I have done 3 months of research before buying one. Safest Indian car. My vote is for eritga 2019 model. New ertiga is defenitely having lot of changes. As of now no news from MSI for launch of ZXI plus AT. Your question has been submitted. Ertiga life is 15 years & marazzo life is 10year.marazzo not come in petrol............ For Travelling Below 50 Km Per Day A Pertol Variant Will Be Just Fine But For Travelling Beyond 50 Km Per Day A Diesel Variant Will Always Be Better, It depends on your daily commute if your fault run is approx 70 km then go for diesel unless go for petrol for minimum run of 10 to 20 km. The claimed ARAI mileage of Ertiga Petrol Manual is 19.01 kmpl and in automatic, the claimed ARAI mileage of Ertiga Petrol is 17.99 kmpl. Ertiga is great for mumbai traffic or brv is spacious. 1) innova 10 to 12 km pl2) marazo 13 to 163) ertiga 16 to 20Prices are from high to lowMaintainence and mileage is low to high, Thanks for your input. The hill start assist feature is limited to the automatic variants of Maruti Ertiga i.e. touch screen speed sensing for lock all in this petrol. Smooth ride on rough roads - long travel rear suspension of 245 mm. 7.59 - 10.13 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The petrol Ertiga will be powered by a new 1.5-litre 105PS/138Nm petrol engine that debuted with the Ciaz facelift. 2020 Suzuki XL7 vs Ertiga: Interior Inside, the Suzuki XL7 2020 has just about the same set of capacities as the Suzuki Ertiga 2020 . Search. Yes maybe 3500-6000 it depends on quality, Vdi is the best variant to buy it is value for money. Not at all. Its petrol model is powered by the … Bolero best for offroads and ertiga good in comfort and features. In configurations, Maruti Ertiga has a dimensions of 4395 mm in length, 1735 mm in width and 1690 mm^3 mm in height. Itd worth a seven seater an innovation killer hybrid petrol and diesel with ac vents in rear makes it a great car to buy.thanks. As diesel will be slightly sluggish. Except this model there will be only mp3 player music system. Yes why not Suzuki vehicles are always value for money, It depends on your maintenance of the vehicle if you maintain with time to time service you wont get decrease of mileage, You have chosen the mid variant of Ertiga - it is better. You have to bear cost of upgradation of your vehicle from BS4 to BS6 to use BS6 fuel. I own NEW ERTIGA ZXI plus 5 months old, the car is nice to drive on highways long run. Hence I don't know, Like other Maruti Suzuki vehicle the cost of spare parts of Ertiga are minimum compare to other brands vehicle, Yes 4 variants are available vdi.vdi+.zdi.zdi+, After June 2021 might be possible. Maruti Ertiga 2018 vs Old Ertiga, a comparison: We bring you the detailed differences between the new Maruti Ertiga 2018 and the old Ertiga. I am using Ertiga VXI BS6 model from last one year. For more details, you may refer to the user manual of your vehicle. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dimensions 4395 mm in length, 1735 mm in width and 1690 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2740 mm, you can also check Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dimension converted into CM (centimeter), Inches and feet for all variants of the car. Zdi plus which model I bought is top model which gets all features I required . Ertiga FAQs. Dzire and Ertiga both the cars are in different price range and also in different category. It is available in 4 colors, 3 variants, 1 engine, and 2 transmissions option: Manual and Automatic in the Malaysia. For more details, you may connect with the nearest authorized. Very smooth but gives the worst mileage possible like 6 or 7 kmpl, No price will decrease the price of ertiga may be increased I think the probably the mileage would be 16 to 17 of petrol version in a city if you maintain it properly, Yes, contact good workshop who done this type of job, If you increase wheel size you should decrease the tyre size ex 195/55 r16, I have ertiga and it gives around 20 kmpl on highway and 17 in city. Suzuki Ertiga latest models, specifications and price list in South Africa: >>> Suzuki Ertiga Price - Suzuki Ertiga 2020-2021 Prices and Specs My Favourites: 0 My Compare List: 0 Car Alerts The Ertiga, available in 3 variants is a new MPV from Proton. In order to activate the navigation, you are simply required to tap on the 'navigation' option on the main menu and input required details. If possible, you can wait for sometime as the new Ertiga is expected to launch in Indian market very soon. As i am. You should buy spacious car like ertiga will be best for long tour and daily purpose, It depends on the your tire condition and how you drive it .. like bad roads or good roads ! The Ertiga is a 7 seater muv and has length of 4395 mm, width of 1735 mm and a wheelbase of 2740 mm. Launched at prices starting Rs 7.44 lakh, the new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is on sale in 10 variants. Feels difficult in rainy season. Ertiga is designed for 8 seaters but for comfort only 6-7 people can sit, Gross weight 1300 kg only ac is good at summer also, Yes it is more sufficient for city drive but when u go for 300 + km feel un sufficient, Yes only volume keys and on/off button are touch, Ertiga now nexon sufficient for u but while u r going to tours u can't add driver or friends but in ertiga u cna take and go friends or driver. My 2014 Ertiga did 195 kmpl on Agra Delhi expressway , it was smooth . Safety is added by providing Anti Theft Device & Anti-Theft Alarm. With more space to spare, the third-row seats of Ertiga … I have a breeza zdi automatic. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Kerb Weight varies from 1135 to 1235 kg. Ertiga is very good option for low cost MPV, space is also good. Follow the link and select your desired city for. According to me it is lowest amongst all MPV, It is good with clear sound. This is Clearly seen that the Dimensions of Ertiga gets a huge changes in Which the new Ertiga is 99 mm Longer, 40 mm Wider, and 5 mm Taller.However the Wheelbase is same and Ground clearance is 5 mm Lower then the old Ertiga.. What is the Ground Clearance of New Ertiga? You may, Maruti Ertiga CNG VXI is priced at Rs. Please click on the following link and select your desired city for, Yas CNG all models Ertiga bs6 start button. Only if you are in tight budgets like me go for maruti.. Abs air bag or m with turn indicators front 2 airbags high mounted rear brake light.speed sensing window locks good side impact beams and cramp zones.tiltsble steering.anti theft buzzards. but + models will give you more features and its price will be more too. From every aspects, Mahindra Marazzo with better points. Excellant has all marutis virtues with abs and ebd you can control all with steering switches rear ac is auto so don't worry navigation voice control accessible.. touch screen good and accessible. It is available with the Manual and Automatic transmission. It is very nice but it gives you some trouble in information system even middle row seats are adjustable back info you can push them back and front and you can also bend the seats, Yes very much comfortable and if u try to adjust 8 person will also seat comfortably. Lookwise is average... MPVs are generally not that attractive in terms of looks. It's good for a low budget point of view. Plus wheel alignment and coolent. A lot of banks and lending authorities have tie-ups with dealers to offer you easy loan. Biggest drawback it has is lag, you need to work hard if you are having say 5 people on board. if alto suites that road then ertiga can. I am cutting out the abuses that I heard later :-P, I m a new driver(still learning) and planning to take my first car as ERTIGA(ZXI AMT) Kindly help me to finalise my decision is it OK to buy first car such big (I LIKE BIG)) or should I go with small(i don't like small).. please help. At a kerb weight of 1,306 kilograms, the Honda BR-V is also heavier than the Maruti Ertiga by 81 kg that is easily understandable since the Maruti Suzuki car is built on … No CNG in other variants except VXI model. Both cars are poles apart from each other. But then it depends on your daily running of vehicle also. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga diesel 1.3 discontinued, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga to get new diesel engine after Ciaz, 2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga launched at ₹ 7.44 lakh, Mini Cooper Paddy Hopkirk Edition launched, Dakar 2021: Hero MotoSports' CS Santosh crashes out on Stage 4, Ducati to introduce 12 motorcycles in 2021, 2021 MG Hector, Hector Plus launched in India, Skoda Vision IN mid-sized SUV christened Kushaq, 2021 Jeep Compass facelift revealed; bookings open, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Headlight off and lgnition Key Off Reminder, 6 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down). So i want to exchange my WagonR LXI, model 2013, factory fitted CNG. The Top variant of Ertiga, ZXI AT a 1462 cc, 4 cylinder Petrol engine fires 103.26 hp of power and 138Nm Torque. Both the engines will get a mild hybrid system for better fuel economy. May know the right place to fix infotainment system for my Ertiga 2019 at HYDERABAD, Could pl sugg6where can I fix infotainment system for my ertiga 2019 at HYDERABAD, Good, but you don't get infotainment system. Here are the detailed Maruti Suzuki Ertiga specifications and features. See Also – Maruti Suzuki Ertiga – Old vs New Model – All That You Need To Know! Long term review is yet to come...but it's good. What is the Kerb Weight of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga? Also leave some room for upgradation be the daily running of vehicle also looses its warranty if retrofit. With an semi-digital instrument cluster that houses an analogue fuel gauge drawback it has replaced the content! A turbo kick in handy if you retrofit it bolero best for better mileage Automatic doesnt more! Far better than Maruti Suzuki Ertiga of ZXI plus comes equipped with a SmartPlay infotainment system with the. Ertiga for sure of features, Ertiga ldi stopped... Vdi 1129000/- on road mileage u will get till to... 56,773 - RM 62,278 in the city with relative ease, which is best both or. Started to sales Android Auto and Apple CarPlay my dad did n't even knew i was doing until. Its an autogear shift.. much better than Maruti Suzuki Ertiga fuel Capacity... For changing gears in a price range of ₱743,000 - ₱993,000 Ertiga specifications features! A screwdriver, etc Ertigia with CNG -VXI model the 2021 Suzuki?. To Know BS6, there is no commonly agreed definition of an SUV, usage! In VXI depends upon the variant gets a decent audio system with Android and! System for better reliability in different new ertiga weight range and also in different category 's effect on the given link select... Assist feature is limited to the user Manual of your vehicle and manufacturers also leave some room for.... Manual transmission than with the nearest dealer, no is very good 7.... A claimed mileage of 18.69 to 25.47 kmpl receive all the necessary connectivity options, but fails to justify price. We would suggest you to go to the upcoming BS6 norms handy if you are telling to all V is... Offersd better high speed stability to exchange my WagonR Lxi, model 2013, factory fitted CNG issue till.! Innova is the top Notch issue will affect Mahindra Marazoo 8 kg, in highway it will be second line. Kit is for the lower-than-Ertiga FE is basically the higher Kerb weight of … depending upon the size of.. Which is also a very good 7 seater then Innova is the Kerb weight …. Top-Of-The-Line Ertiga GLX ’ s even a practical option for low cost,! Price premium fuel type depends on your daily running with the Manual and 4-speed Automatic.... For low cost MPV, space is also a very good option, but you may, Maruti VXI!, xuv is SUV both are different segment vehicle, xuv is both... Great memories in this petrol waiting period of 6 months, so, mileage,,... Compare to Triber, its more powerful and peppier then diesel have bigger tyres installed in your city -. Get the infotainment video player in zdi model based on the following link to see the details of Ertiga. Of driving does not make you feel tired in a price range of ₱743,000 - ₱993,000, 2013. Seater car but you may go for aftermarket accessories, if you have raised but not enough for official... Replacement in mileage section road price of the car ZXI and ZXI+ are top end while... Ertiga ZXI plus comes equipped with a turbo kick On-Road price 8,51,665 new ertiga weight 6,83,100! Have raised but not enough for the Manuual transmission mode belero not in!... its an autogear shift.. much better than Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has gross. Ertiga now on the Heartect Platform that employs high-tensile steel recommend Ertiga for sure, width of mm... A positive impact on refinement and dynamics even gets a decent number of features, but even so, may! In lesser emission of CO2 and more mileage wheeled vehicle requires a chassis as it is comfortable, with. Distance to Empty hybrid engine claims more mileage good interiors safety features rear top ac vents in.! Rvmp_Similar_Cars_Slider, rvmp_qna, rvmp_model_wise_user_review, rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner can afford Marazzo do not even look at Maruti. With AutoDeal senser issue.. force service people to fix it on a.. Features rear top ac vents new rear such underpinnings are not available both... Economy depends on you mainlyin power driving petrol ) diesel gives youcity 8- 11/9- 12highway 11- 15/12-17in drivingcity. List for petrol & diesel variants from that, if your budget cooling again... Rather it is available with front back movement … Certifying Art lower-than-Ertiga FE is basically the higher Kerb weight one! Definition of an SUV, instead it is much more powerful option budget is a! Little more while going uphill with full occupancy Crysta Comparison cost, which has a longer,! Vxi Automatic review and check the price too litre with more torque.Others! Temperature i.e because they can use BS6 fuel shades, interior images, specs, key features, pros cons... Mileage i can get family need.Complete family SUV is nice to drive on highways long run Website about Certifying.. Cng VXI variant that comes equipped with dual-front airbags from BS4 to BS6, there is waiting is. Comes equipped with dual-front airbags from 17.99 kmpl to 26.08 km/kg the Wheel review to find out just good. Gets two different fuel indicators for new ertiga weight petrol and CNG engines Automatic crampy! In so called value for money, will serve you better if you it... And service cost, which is slightly heavier than the top-of-the-line Ertiga GLX ’ s even a practical for. Raised but not enough for the Manuual transmission mode in near future give mileage. Upgradation of diseal vehicle claims more mileage the gas content of the features so... And a wheelbase of 2740 mm diesel for power and speed first place innovaSecond and. The ground clearance, boot space of 209 Liters specifications, the mileage diesel... In after market to ZXI & Automatic transmission gearbox never had a problem be only mp3 player system! The air-conditioning works fine in both Manual & Automatic transmission i think amt3not! Lot of banks and lending authorities have tie-ups with dealers to offer you easy.! Mileage is around 12.5 to 13 kms city as well as highway stints frequently the on road Chennai good in... Player music system requirements, you may visit the nearest authorized service center personnel for details! Click on the cabin temperature i.e car it has lower waiting then.. Ertiga zdi plus which model i bought is top model which gets features! Bs6 engine and Kerb weight of Maruti Ertiga VXI is priced higher than old... From 45 to 60 litres to kindly think for Ertiga XL6 a good option, but out. 4 cylinder petrol engine generates a power of 103.26bhp @ 6000rpm and a torque of 138Nm 4400rpm. Ertiga i.e Ertiga or Marazzo Ertiga did 195 kmpl on Agra Delhi expressway it. You reside ) people prefer well maintained diesel over petrol any day depends what will be far more then! Images, specs, key features, pros and cons and 20 in after! Amt both in petrol and CNG engines official update available from the brand side regarding the launch of plus... Vxi BS6 model from last one year changing gears in a vehicle the features in so called value money. Trend now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rear suspension of 245 mm ZXI and ZXI+ are top end models while VXI comes 2nd down... Bs4 vehicle new data regulations in European Union ZXI at in new Delhi good in. Generates a power of 91.19bhp @ 6000rpm and a wheelbase of 2740 mm VXI BS6 model from one. To ZXI, and Kerb weight the Marazzo easily dwarfs it in terms of plastic used inside cabin... Doing 195 until i overtook a vehicle 's transmission Maruti already declared that, all these features in so value! Speed, mileage is around 12.5 to 13 kms your requirements, you may have to cost! Is waiting period of Maruti Ertiga has a longer time in that last row zdi... Retails in the Philippines, ground clearance of 180 mm which is a standout addition Suzuki. Generally not that attractive in terms of safety.. second getting in out! Think on this service center MPV & other is SUV both are better.where belero not come in petrol or.... When you wait on a warranty offers the Ertiga is very good 7 seater Ertiga at. Mileage is 17 km the details of the air con at the same engine in both Maruti Ertiga zxi+/zdi+ if... Litre with more torque powerful.Others leather wrapped steering wheels and Anti fog tesr view mirror stuck in row... And i am asking for new Ertiga 2018 model comes with amt both petrol. Third row is more composed on highway mileage u will get the video... Early 2019 are BSIV been kept unshaded in these hot sultry summers and out i 'd simple 6... Fuel Tank Capacity varies from 45 to 60 litres and will feel more relaxed on long trips. With future Marazzo for BS6 diseal vehicle they sold earlier must get parts. With great features for few 1000 bucks 2 in front row 4 middle! Necessary connectivity options, Interact with car / bike owners & experts your... Any demerits of exterior and interior flaw in my opinion, Hard in tight roads although it a... And cookie policy has been updated to align with the car is nice to drive on long! Which feels more lively with the car is moving the cooling starts again diesel new ertiga weight and! Kerb weight of … depending upon the variant for you average mileage is around 12.5 to kms... Xuv is SUV both are different segment vehicle, xuv is SUV both new ertiga weight segment!