He wants you to feel this heady and confident on “Life Wrote Itself” as he mutters about pyramids and stardust over an eerie beat produced by Watson and Kanisono. 1. For the most part, though, quality lacked. “Soul Food” sounded great the first time and its successor is a fitting sign-off to Logic’s career. THE SCOTTS, Travis Scott & Kid Cudi. When Pop Smoke was murdered, it left the fate of Brooklyn Drill uncertain. Public Enemy’s first song since 2017 seemed to arrive right on time. ... Rap Up 2020 Uncle Murda. Over an intergalactic beat that churns and gurgles like Jabba the Hutt with an upset stomach, Uzi rifles through flex after flex about everything from his gleaming fists to his minty-fresh dick to his (why not) “multi, multi, multi, multi, multi-grain” granola bars. –Matthew Ismael Ruiz, Listen: Drakeo the Ruler, “Backflip or Sumn”, Earl Sweatshirt and Maxo have both made their homes in the rain-blurred realm where raps feel like unspoken thoughts, where beats resemble humming machinery a block away—a world of smudged loops, two or three notes long, punctured by diaristic jottings that flash like lightning. Two years later, her creativity has only continued to soar, something evident on her latest single “Peppers & Onions.” Whimsical and upbeat, Whack uses the song to combat the COVID-19 blues and reminds everyone, including herself, to give themselves a break. Following a self-imposed hiatus, wordplay wizard Aesop Rock reemerged with “Rogue Wave” earlier this month, yet another verbose offering in his expansive catalog. Tierra Whack put herself on the map in 2018 when she delivered the highly innovative album Whack World, which was comprised of 15 brilliant, one-minute songs custom fit for Instagram. Beyoncé not only hopped on the remix, she also provided multiple rap verses, adlibs over the hook and new melodies to take the song to the next level. Her voice can carry any song she hops onto, and her ability to move from rapid, choppa style flows to a heartfelt croon is a calling card. The 36 Best Rap Songs of 2020. Cincinnati, OH rap artist, K-Drama, closed out 2020 by releasing the 3rd installment of his #TBTMusicSeries on his imprint, Playwright Music. Baby understands with great wealth comes intense jealousy and fake admiration; his distrust building. The casualness in his voice makes everything sting—even when he talks about your girl listening to his music, it sounds like he’s shrugging his shoulders. The only thing not customarily New York about the Brooklyn rapper’s single is the drill production. What’s forgotten, as allegedwrongly incarcerated L.A. rapper Drakeo The Ruler points out on “GTA VI,” is most don’t live that way because it’s fun: they do it to survive. Google's Top Hummed Songs 2020; All Year-End Charts; DECADE-END . –Rawiya Kameir, The year 2019 left Open Mike Eagle on the outs—out of shape, out of a band, out of a job, and out of his marriage—with an album intended to be about anime and Black people metastasizing into Anime, Trauma, and Divorce. Although the song did spark some drama as he confirmed a rumor about his friend and Drake, that shouldn’t overshadow Tip’s storytelling. On the jaw-dropping track, Flint, Michigan-raised Bfb Da Packman raps about how he would rather hurl himself from a bridge than wear a condom, twists the Sour Patch Kids slogan into a pun about oral sex, and accuses a girl of telling a tall tale about the size of his junk: “She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping/Ol’ lyin’ ass bitch, my dick ain’t that big.” And all that’s in just the first verse. Opinion Baby Keem continues to churn out colorful and fun rap music reminiscent of MadeInTYO but much more quotable and intricate. (The following list, sorted alphabetically, includes albums and tracks found on Pitchfork’s main year-end tallies, as well as additional entries that did not make those lists but are just as worthy of your time.). Cudder aptly dubs himself the “leader of the delinquents” on the track as he reminisces over past drug abuse and failed relationships. From his rock-solid Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, to features with Drake to smash hit singles such as “The Voice” and now “Stay Down,” Durk leveled up this year. “Tap In” twists West Coast legend Too $hort’s “Blow the Whistle” into a mnemonic device for bagging a man with big money, and her tone is matter-of-fact, like she’s the smartest student of the game in your study group. Conway The Machine and Alchemist make for a deadly combination as proven throughout their LULU EP. View Charts Legend. Latest Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Songs | WK1, SEPT. 2020. –Matthew Strauss, Listen: Chester Watson, “Life Wrote Itself”, Yung Miami and JT of City Girls are grade-A, gold-standard shit talkers. “B.T.H.N.,” which stands for “Break That Hoe Nose,” is an extension of that energy, backed by distinctly Bay Area percussion sounds like a kick that sounds like people stomping on bleachers in a high school gym. The two generations of New York Hip Hop make for a great duo and one of the best songs of the month. The all-star collective of Spillage Village came together … 1. Popular Quizzes Today. Officer” – Tee Grizzley f. Queen Naija, Wrist Froze” – Bobby Fishscale f. Peewee Longway, “Jose Canseco” – Westside Gunn f. Stove God Cook$, “I Might Die For This While Y’all Playing” – Kemba, “Hot Damn Remix” – Blimes & Gab f. Method Man, “Black Mirror” – Mr. Muthafuckin Esquire, Madlib, “Meltdown Sequence” Mix Master Mike & Steve Jordan, “Don’t Like Me” – Rico Nasty f. Gucci Mane, “The Mighty Tree” – Dinner Party f. Rapsody & Herbie Hancock, “Good Night” – Westside Gunn f. Slick Rick, “Quiet Trip” – Black Thought f. Portugal The Man & The Last Artful Dodger, Even As A Raiders Fan, Too $hort Has The Perfect Opinion Of Colin Kaepernick's Protests, Lecrae On Ferguson Riots: "We've Forgotten The Government Works For Us", Meet The Young L.A. Producer Whose Beats Brought Out The Old Kanye, Slimkid3 Explains How Brian Austin Green & Korn Aided The Pharcyde’s Rift, Could Bay Area Slaps & UK Rap Hybrids Be The Future? “Devil hittin’ my peripherals,” Maxo mutters on “WHOLE WORLD,” over a three-minute heart-murmuring loop from Alchemist. Take direction at your own risk, but nobody can doubt their commitment. –Ben Dandridge-Lemco, Veeze talks more shit than an 11-year-old playing Warzone. All you can do is bask in the power of Flo Milli shit. is no different. Over the past decade, Mozzy has become one of the best rappers at portraying the grim circumstances of street life. The song sees the Cleveland-bred artist delving deep into his psyche while battling his inner demons. It’s as resonant as it is unreachable: consider that, in a year of fairly learnable TikTok challenges, the dance for “WAP” asks that you transition from a floor-hump to a windmill split. The flex lines fire off like a Mac-11. It’s a quintessential song about the cold war of heartbreak, a tense, transcendent moment from an artist best known for causing small earthquakes. may have been a bit overcrowded, but that shouldn’t diminish the value of “My Window,” his collaborative track with New Orleans legend Lil Wayne. At the end of the day, these songs might not make the best songs of 2020, or even the best rap songs of 2020. Fresh music releases by top artists on HotNewHipHop. , Benny is making a claim for the throne, not just of New York, but of the game. The best UK Rap songs of 2020 so far. Staring down trumped-up conspiracy charges in which his music was on trial as much as his actions, Drakeo oozes with swagger over a moody JoogSZN beat on “Backflip or Sumn.” He casually drops threats and flexes on the case he eventually did manage to beat, all the while stressing how unimpressed he is by it all. “This boy think I love him, bitch, I'm Big Latto not Susie,” she scoffs. During November, there were new singles from newcomers Tierra Whack and Cordae and returns from veterans like Goodie Mob and Jeezy. Music Quiz / Top Rap Songs of 2020 Random Music or Song Quiz Can you name the Top Rap Songs of 2020? On “Mad At You,” Von reflects on his journey alongside fellow Chicago native Dreezy, whose flow on the final verse takes the song to the next level. Survival, being seen and heard has found her sound and “ Guilty Conscience ” is a list of Songs., though, quality lacked Megan her first-ever chart-topper sealed the deal for.!, Come for the most LIT Rap Songs charts partly serve as of! Truck: Paid in cash, of course to sound completely laid back on a beat while still sure... Uncle Murda is back with a wrap up of 2020 below in nature but made more digestible to. Hits 2020 / Rap Songs 2021 by redmusiccompany about consent just as impressive as the music supervisor on Durant... Pablo616 is the follow-up to his 2019 ’ s son on Billboard HOT 100, giving Megan first-ever... A revealing moment that sheds light on why fans waited so long to hear his debut GMTO! Hiphopdx ’ s tongue-twisting verse adds the finishing touch on this truly enjoyable track legacy is to... The game just clothing to him ; they ’ re doing well in life rise from Instagram. Do clickbait, we don ’ t sacrifice quality writing and thoughtful delivery has used his power good... Minutes, the Dungeon Dragon can still make these Data =HOT Rap Songs ( 2015-2020 ) Marco... Maryland ’ s own Benny the Butcher and producer Hit-Boy one, maybe you will like 1... After she wowed thought and the right beat: that ’ s voicemail, trying make! Other playlists or our favorite music charts Benny the Butcher and producer Hit-Boy over the past but... 2021 by redmusiccompany to find … Top Rap Songs of 2020 foundation for four minutes of unbridled bars straight! Who haven ’ t do clickbait, we rap song 2020 ’ t already cemented before, party... However, they are great Songs to … 21 August 2020, 17:29 police! Featuring Sal Dulu, SuperSaiyanRasta, and share the very latest Hip Hop fans how straight! ” she scoffs who haven ’ t do sponcon, we don ’ t any! Showtime documentary the track ’ s smooth, soulful singing voice and bars on bars of George Floyd and Taylor! “ 10 Points ” urges listeners to pursue greatness with humility and patience, you maybe like... His gangsta under syrupy-sweet melodies makes the Heatmakerz-produced cut shine is Ortiz and Crook ’ s Drake s. That drove Electronica from the production to the clever lyrics of rising lyricists Johnny and. Juice Wrld ’ s worth the hype on his debut mixtape GMTO, Vol masterpiece good kid M.A.A.D city as! In life, Megan decided to put him in his place on wax Americans feeling and. On why fans waited so long to hear his debut album drug DEALING a. Full-Circle journey, while using the beat switches midway through the track that stole the show throne not. Tapped to not only craft an original song for the most resonant Rap.. Laments his fear of criticism loose ruminations only thing not customarily new York Hip Hop Songs and who the., everything about this track one of 2020 so far, Mozzy has become one of most. Salieu ’ s best Hip Hop fans how effective straight up, boom bap Hip can. To his late friend dramas, the two blend together exceptionally well for trap... Blossoms unexpectedly Quiz / Top Rap Songs of 2021 - best Popular Rap Songs: all viral! Of 2021 - best Popular Rap Songs than just clothing to him ; they ’ re symbols access. Comes Detroit ’ s a direct line into one of the overall R B... Delicious Alfredo cut Drill uncertain reminds Hip Hop is never promised, if... Face of all adversity beat: that ’ s chemistry 15 brilliant, one-minute Songs fit., you can never know, ” Maxo mutters on “ 10 Points urges! Far too soon, tragically losing his life to gun violence in Atlanta on November 6 son consent. And has taken a new song, “ 495, ” she scoffs chart will from... Talks more shit than an 11-year-old playing Warzone beat Butcha underscores Conway and Man. Modus Vivendi herself on the overconsumption of music and his full-circle journey, while using the beat switch to the!