Boiling water is OK if you know your altitude where the stove is and the formula to covert the boiling point to your altitude. You can buy one for well under $10. Otherwise the potential toxicity from these broken thermometers depends on the type of liquid used. Studies of children in emergency rooms have noted injury to the mouth, rectum, and ear from broken thermometer glass. Set a timer for five minutes, then check the thermometer again. First of all, try to remember of course of high school, that mercury - a dangerous poison, it pairs easily evaporate and are deposited in the body and, therefore, an … If it isn’t, you’ll need to calibrate for that amount, too. What to do if the thermometer broke. Place all broken objects on a paper towel. This is, fortunately, a very simple task. If it registers at 100C, then it isn't broken. Recommended by 93 percent of customers, this lean, mean machine is 50 percent off right now. Unfortunately, your chances of accurately guessing whether or not you have a fever without a thermometer are fair at best. To see how you collect the fragments of a broken thermometer and glue them - wait for a call or news from a person you are in a quarrel with.. To see in a dream that you are walking naked through the streets with a cracked thermometer under your armpit - soon you can commit an act not peculiar to you, the Wanderer’s dreambook warns. Almost every house has a thermometer, and we immediately take it in hand at the first sign of a cold. We found five affordable trampolines that are great for anyone with chronic pain or joint issues — they can even strengthen your feet! Fill a pot with water, and place the thermometer in the pot. 2. "Throwing the kitchen sink at patients with medications and supplements is dangerous,” one expert tells Yahoo Life. Make sure the bulb is fully immersed but not touching the bottom or sides of the pot. When the thermometer is reading the correct temperature, you know that your meat is cooked and ready to eat. Contact your local extension office to find out what the temperature for boiling is in your area. Part 2 of 4: How to tell if the thermostat is faulty. Step 1: Check your gauge. Candy thermometers aren’t incredibly expensive. If it’s right, your frostings, fudges, and toffees will turn out spectacularly. Know when to replace: If you start getting different results with every batch of fudge or pan of toffee, the thermometer may be busted, despite your valiant calibrations. Secure the bag and label it as directed by your local health or fire department. Check the temperature of the thermometer. Here’s how. Candy thermometers aren’t incredibly expensive. 1. If you see your temperature gauge going into the red within the first 15 minutes of driving, your thermostat may be bad. You don't need a candy thermometer to make your favorite sweets. Got a BBT of 97.58 for the 4th day in a row this morning. For example, if your recipe calls for bringing your caramel frosting to a soft boil, you’d normally want to reach 235°F. Fold the paper towel and place in a zip locking bag. The so-called "cold-water method" is an easy way to estimate the temperature of your candy: Generations of cooks and candy makers have relied on this trick to make all types of candies, from fudge to toffee . Turn your oven on and set it to 350 degrees. The wrong time to discover your candy thermometer isn’t working, or is measuring a few degrees off, is when the probe is popped into a vat of boiling sugar and cream. Update it when you do new readings. Good news! For example, if your fudge calls for a temp of 238°F (115°C), you’ll want to aim for 228°F—if your thermometer is correct when in boiling water. Instead, place it upright in a glass jar that has a base of rice or beans to protect the bulb. Or, you could take a glass of ice cubes, fill it with water and let your thermometer sit in it. Write it down: Can’t remember if your thermometer is off by four degrees, or 14? Store upright: Candy thermometers are fragile, so don’t toss them into your gadget drawer. You should re-test your oven to make sure that the thermostat is broken. "When we, deaf and hard-of-hearing people, see deaf and hard-of-hearing out in the mainstream, we feel seen," says NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum. If the temperature is the same as the setting on the oven, then your thermostat is working correctly. 1. When the water is boiling, read the thermometer. If you’ve had your thermometer for some time (such as the one I inherited from my grandmother), or even if it’s brand-new off the shelf, odds are, it isn’t spot-on accurate.