I must live under a rock. I was very disappointed in it. If you’re looking for on-trend, affordable clothes and staking your bets, then definitely give Shein a try. Shein shopping is low-key addictive since there is just such a huge inventory. You raise a very good point, Elizabeth. By the way, you look way cuter in the dresses than Shein models do. Enjoy extra £3 off for your first order. To see if the setting is truly as described, look inside the ring’s center for markings. So right there. You could find some attractive choices there, but it’s a bigger risk than going with Shein. Yes, Shein is legit. Nov 12, 2018 - Men Compass Shaped Rhinestone Brooch -SheIn(Sheinside) Explore. It arrived wrinkled, and I happen to conveniently forget to press this Shein curved hem dress all three times I wore it. I order this Shein dress in size XS for a whopping $20 Exact XS measurements in inches: Bust: 31.9″, Waist: 27.2″, Hips: 35.4″, Length: 47.2″. So a large is actually a large, it’s not a small and as a size 12 woman, I can actually buy clothes and fit into them, which is a really great thing. You can’t return swimsuits and acessories, even bags. Plus, since I ordered a lot of swimsuits and earrings thing this order, I wasn’t able to return a lot of it. All my orders are past the return window so I can’t look on my end to grab that information for you Their Instagram account is very active, I recommend commenting on their most recent photo asking for their return address for US orders (it’s different for each country). That being said, I really like these, and I think these are actually the ones that are going to hold together the best over the years. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 22. I figured spending $100 to stock up on literally days worth of new outfits for a vacation was a great deal. 29 $22.95 $22.95. Please refer to the size chart below before purchasing. But due to the current global situation, friends and readers of the blog have said their order (including those that paid for Express shipping) took almost a month to get to the US (more here). I’m glad you found this SheIn review helpful. Yes, or no? I ordered three dress one among that was quite big to my height even after opting the correct size so I returned and money was refunded. From the way the gown wraps around the model, you would think there would be a little more fabric to cover your skin. Gemakkelijk retourneren√ Iedere dag >600 nieuwe items√ Gratis Verzending vanaf 39€√ SHEIN heeft een grote collectie aan juwelen met oorbellen, halskettingen, armbanden, ringen, bedels, enkelbandjes en zo veel meer kleurrijke juwelen. With all the layers and shoulder action, you’ll need patience to put on, However, I don’t expect to have any problems with ironing the dress. Paypal believed them and charged my bank account. But the same was not the case for previous Shein orders. I placed a order over a month ago.. Can’t say no to a wardrobe must-have: a little black dress (LBD). I have to say, I think the dresses are great and that you wore it best. Humble Consulting: How to Provide Real Help Faster. I want to order a swimsuit but I fear that it wont be here until the end of the swimsuit season. Thank you and all the best . Canada Post delivered them back to seller and the tracking numbers and received signature proves they were returned to the same place they were originally shipped from. That’s a long time, Pamela. Therefore we will give you all ideas here. Thanks. File is already opened. $19.99 $ 19. This company also uses child labor and is super awful to the environment. For example, you have to pay out of pocket for the international return (read Shein return policy). Shop now. Since I’ve overworn the two black dresses in my closet, I decided to complete my shopping with a Shein dress. They won’t email you back, no money back. It’s been 3 months and Shein isn’t responding. They are diverse and have clothing that fits all body types. But, they’re fun, and again, they’re just a couple of dollars. Kara: I am someone who I really love statement earrings, I think a good statement earring, like these which are from Shein, they just add fun to any outfit. My thoughts below. Kara: So, I also got a few swimsuits, and normally I don’t get swimsuits from places like this, because I’m a very curvy woman and I just don’t trust that some Chinese company is going to be able to make a swimsuit that can cover my butt. Where is Shein shipped from? You’ll notice from my order above that the sizes of clothes I ordered range from XS to M. This is because Shein clothing size is, in my opinion, all over the board. You can also check the SheIn Amazon store here for swimsuits that will arrive quickly. Thank you for the help and honest review! They all look like they would be comfortable to wear. Kara: What is bad though, is that the second time I wore it, the seam started falling apart here. Honest reviews are the best reviews. Similarly, the asymmetrical cut combined with layers of ruffles add a modern touch to the outfit. If you end up getting the lace dress, you might want to but it in a wash bag (I got mine from Nordstrom) before tossing it in the washer/dryer. Practical Style & Beauty for Today's Woman. The color is great, the fit’s pretty great. Contact Schein Properties, LLC on Messenger. I have wasted more time trying to return then I did placing the order. Kara: … Found the most disappointing though is how when you first get them and you try them on, it feels like it’s all made decently, you know, like a little better than you thought it was going to be, more on like a Forever 21 level, where it’s not perfect, but it’s fine for $12. Hii My Loves, How are you all doing? SheIn Women's Puff Short Sleeve Square Neck Shirred Drawstring Crop Blouse Top Mint Green Small, SheIn Women's Solid Stretchy Drawstring Waist Track Shorts Dark Grey Medium, SheIn Women's Casual V Neck Sleeveless Ribbed Knit Cami Crop Top Jet Black Medium. Gemakkelijk retourneren√ Iedere dag >600 nieuwe items√ Gratis Verzending vanaf 39€√ Shop bij SHEIN voor de grootste collectie van lichaamsjuwelen. Stay dazzling with SHEIN latest collection of jewelries! Is Shein legit? However, I don’t expect to have any problems with ironing the dress. Kara: I am someone who I really love statement earrings, I think a good statement earring, like these which are from Shein, they just add fun to any outfit. OMG Charlene, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time getting the items you do not need returned. Free Shipping On £35+ Free Return - 60 Days 1000+ New Dropped Daily Get £3 Off First Order! Couple of years back, I’ve been sent items from SheIn .. and for what they cost, I do think they can be pretty flattering and stylish. SHEIN also sells accessories, jewelry, home decor, pet clothing, pet accessories, beauty products/Makeup, footwear, phone accessories, headwear, computer electronics, etc. I want to make things clear before you start reading this post. So I remember my yellow dress, that’s the second time I wore it, it started ripping and that bag took three of four days of using it, and then it started falling apart. Because of a diamond’s large price tag, a real one will only be set in high quality jewelry. Más de 500 Novedades Diarias Autodevoluciones Envío gratis a partir de 29€ Pulsa para ver los detalles de 1 pieza caja de almacenamiento de joya unicolor. Free Shipping On Orders R3720+ Get R44 Off On Your First Order 500+ New Arrivals Dropped Daily Shop Body Jewelry online. Great quality at low prices. My package arrived in less than one week. I was really excited to see that Shein’s earrings are really affordable. You can now try, return or exchange SheIn clothing that you’re not in love with. I discovered, So, is Shein legit? All five pieces in my order worked out just fine. All the best, Emily. The ones that didn’t hold up are these earrings. I’ve worn this dress three times already! I think though for these, I am going to cut this beak off, and glue it on the other side to kind of get that effect of mirroring birds. Has anyone ever shopped from Shein (SheInside)? This is my first time ordering from Shein, and I wanted to ask how long it usually took your orders to come. Alternatively, check Amazon to see if the same swimsuit is available on SheIn’s Amazon store or from a similar retailer. It’s just two layers of that, and then stuff loosely glued on it. They carry everything from casual rompers and cute little dresses to skirts and tops that are totally appropriate for work. Other than that, there website is super cute and it is easy to find what you are looking for! From the way the gown wraps around the model, you would think there would be a little more fabric to cover your skin. $15.99 $ 15. I’ve never heard of Shein. It has these inserts and I just can’t straighten them out, and it looks like my boobs are all over the place, which is a little disappointing, because I thought that the shape and the design of this was super original, and I was really excited to wear this in Hawaii. That’s a weird way of saying that. I order often from Shein in the US and has always gotten free return shipping if something didn’t work out or fit, multiple times! It’s just like this whole awkward, awkward mess. shein.com חנות מגוונת של ביגוד, נעליים & תכשיטים במבחר רחב של טבעות, שרשראות, עגילים, צמידים, תכשיטי גוף & עוד ב Hi Srushti, thanks for stopping by. Hi! Fast-fashion retailer Shein is under fire yet again for selling an insensitive piece of jewelry, a "metal pendant necklace" that appears to be a swastika. So, I am someone … I think I got them. But you’re right, some company’s make you pay custom fees but SheIn covers those costs (at least that’s my understanding). You'll love our collection of bracelets, anklets, body chains, belts, and more! Thanks for doing this honest review. I started using it when I was in Palm Springs in Joshua Tree, and I was using it every single day, carrying my wallet and stuff, everything in it. Also, you might want to consider the situation happening right now as your package might be delayed if it ships from China (or affected countries). $2.99 shipping . Say goodbye to your money. Look for a Shein coupon code to reduce the cost of your order. Here’s a link to Shein’s return, Many customers have complained bitterly about never getting a refund even after covering the cost of sending the package back. 16.6m Followers, 1,326 Following, 16.8k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from SHEIN.COM (@sheinofficial) I discovered Shein while I was in college, a few years ago. At that moment I have come across Shine with fashionable stuff at a profoundly reasonable cost. Nope! I sized up to a size 9 since I’m in-between sizes (8.5/9). Kara: Also, as you might be able to see, if I zoom in real quick, some of these buttons, they are fraying, and I’m personally not very convinced that these buttons are not going to stay on very long. These are really great, but when I got them, I realized that, I’m going to see if I can get the camera to focus on it. Short sleeve blouse with drawstring tie knot side design, which is the best choice for your closets. They have such cut designs, I just wish they would put more effort into their quality Thank You for saving my money! Buttons on dresses popped off or the seams simply ripped. Hi Louisa! I have shopped online at this site as well. Please enjoy!! Thank you! SHEIN Clothing Quality . I’ve never paid for shipping insurance. She ordered a sweater that I never would have guessed was Shein. But some of their practices can come off as unconventional (and suspicious). And returns to international locations should be banned. https://www.amysfashionblog.com/blog-home/, Hi Louisa, Of course, there are a few exceptions. Over the years, SHEIN has improved both the quality of their clothing and the commitment to customer service. Again, this was like $3. Our welded Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet is a signature for us—it wears really well over time, and because it is diamond cut that shine will never fade. The only problem is earrings can get crazy expensive, and I don’t know, I always lose them, or they’re just not my style in a year, and I just can’t justify spending more than $20 or $30 on a pair of earrings. Is it Shein scam? I hope you enjoyed watching this haul :) Please Like, Share And Subscribe to my channel. Input your search keywords and press Enter. I just purchased on line but have not received the tops yet. It is lightweight, breathable and great for summer. Kara: I thought I had to give it a try, so I can come back and report to you guys on is Shein worth it? I also love the quality of the fabric as it has some weight and substance to the quality. Did u receive your oder??? You’ll also see shoes and boots, jewelry, scarves and other accessories that will complement your new outfit to a tee. So, it is also a bikini, and it has this gorgeous little scallop pattern, and it looked really nice online. Great quality at low prices. SheIn Women's Casual V Neck Sleeveless Ribbed Knit Cami Crop Top. This helped me so much with my purchases and making sure to check the reviews and sizing. Kara: Would I buy from Shein again? I’m trying to think of, maybe a Mara Hoffman design. 99 $21.99 $21.99. All because the size didn’t fit me and I hurried and sent it back. I wore this all the time I’m Palm Springs. That being said there will always be different experiences with any store, some people will eat at restaurant and say it’s the best ever while others will say it stinks. FedEx says they don't have it. It’s just good to know what to expect if anything were to go wrong. Nd wanted to know did u have to pay extra for custom duties or taxes like that. Hope this helps. Boho blouse tops, perfect with jeans, pants, skirts or leggings and so on. So, when I sit down, the buttons kid of pull apart here to the side, and pop up. It SHOULD be mentioned very clearly however on the website so that’s where I might be concerned as to if that is scamming or not. Also, I didn’t realize this on the website but wanted to share as I though it was useful to know. Shein is based in China. Kara: At the end of the day, I think you’re just better buying from sites like Forever 21, or H&M, or Target that are still similar price points, but they’re making their products a little bit better, enough where you can actually wear it more than twice without it falling apart. Hi Sue, glad to hear that you learned about Shein. You have lots of great HONEST advice and feedback here. If you’re looking for on-trend, affordable clothes and staking your bets, then definitely give, If you’re looking for long-lasting, staple pieces that you will wear for seasons and years to come, you’re better off shopping at reliable retailers like. Make sure to ALWAYS check the clothing dimension as it changes from one product to the next. I learned that the hard way. Do you know if their cotton tops are of good quality? Oh wow! My only gripe with this Shein dress was how high the slit was. When you send the so called chat, you get an automated response, not one from a real person. Well, it never popped up and I can’t get a hold of anyone. Komm und beeil dich, mehr kaufen mehr sparen Hi Emily, my orders arrived in about a month with standard shipping. I am wearing: Shein curved hem dress | Patent pumps (similar) | Amrita Singh earrings |, Click on image to shop[show_shopthepost_widget id=”3228259″]. I’m really happy that I did, because it got me to really experience wearing Shein out in the real world, and I learned some things, and I realize it’s still not made that well. They carry everything from casual rompers and cute little dresses to skirts and tops that are totally appropriate for work. Enjoy your SheIn finds ?? And websites like Shein, Romwe, Oasap, and Choies offer stunning pieces that are irresistible but sound too good to be true. But, isn’t it kind of ridiculous, if you want to wear these, you have to heavily modify them in order to be able to wear them? . Closed Now. Foldover Knot Asymmetric Shoulder Polka Dot Dress, V Cut Geo Print Slit Side Curved Hem Dress, Alvaq Women's Sexy V Neck Sleeveless Lace Dress. Do I have to pay any tax when shipping to the U.S.? After knowing this I placed a order today and almost China based apps are banned now to check I tried opening tiktok but I couldn’t now I have placed order will I get the product delivered to my place… ? I have never heard of that company before, will have to add it to my list to check out! I hope this helps! Thanks for sharing your experience, Megan! And you look gorgeous! So the oversized look is still nice. The prices were very reasonable. SHEIN oferece Jóias Masculina e mais para atender às suas necessidades da moda. So it probably cost them like six cents to make this. I’m here to tell you. Its a scam. It’s always really disappointing, because it’s such a hit or miss on that store. Grastisversand ab 39€ √ Gratisrückgabe √ Jeden Tag 500 + Neuheiten Täglich aktualisieren wir hundertre neue Kleidung für euch ! Kara: So, I guess real quick, also before I start, usually when I do these hauls, I’m opening the box with you guys and trying things on for the first time with you, and just basing my thoughts on that, but I actual got Shein clothing and then I went to Palm Springs for a week, and I took all this stuff with me, and I was wearing it around. Surprisedly there clothes hold up super well. thank you for sharing your experience and giving this honest review! So, I got this again for Hawaii, ’cause I thought it’d be a really nice bag to carry around. Yes, SHEIN is legit and trustworthy, and not a scam. I figured that since the clothes are already so inexpensive, I’m better off donating the products than jumping through hoops to get a refund. The rules say do not return to the address on the package. Shein, formerly SheInside, did not sponsor this post and I was not compensated by anyone (cash or gift) for writing this article. Free Shipping On Orders R3720+ Get R44 Off On Your First Order 500+ New Arrivals Dropped Daily Shop Body Jewelry online. I love the tips you gave about ordering from stores overseas! The cami dress was a perfect fit, and the length was just right. Enjoy extra £3 off for your first order. Please do solve my question…. How is the quality of SheIn clothes? Let’s up it gets better soon. 4.3 out of 5 stars 427. I do like the price points, that’s the key right there. I totally understand the hygiene aspect, but most of the places I buy swimsuits from won’t take it back if that protector plastic piece is removed. So Shein still doesn’t sew their products very well. So helpful and reassuring! They just have a separate “brand” so they can trick customers and get a bigger profit. So, it looks great with I put it on this ear, because it’s facing out. I’ve got your back! Same happened to me. This is kind of like the string that this entire bag is sewn together with. Those 500 SHEIN points got me $5 off an order, so I thought that was pretty kind of them, especially because when they sent the points, I wasn't even thinking about how long the shipping was taking. Real Estate in Beaufort, South Carolina. So you received your order from Shein and decided that you’re not in love with the clothes. Skip to content. Used to love shein but Used to love shein but sizing getting dodgy as in smaller than stated. I ended up using a safety pin to shorten the slit to avoid accidentally flashing strangers. We've got rings, necklace, earrings,braclet that anything you like online to upgrade your outfits. They change their minds so fast look at it look up `` child! Awful to the quality, or larger, but for over $ 25 shipped by Amazon HAVEN. Tends to favor customers in cases of dispute realize this on the package back voice on ResellerRatings.com unique. A weird way of saying that or from a similar style on Nordstrom I... Are really affordable sew their products very well 've delivered acessories, even bags shen still charged my and. 'S jewelry that looks 80 % as good as more expensive jewelry at 20 % of the cutest for. Is good but can not contact customer service nice of you to know did u have to pay on. Via Facebook Messenger better and I can not contact customer service a for! Oh – and Shein isn ’ t mind ordering again but is shein jewelry real never. Getting your money away and its $ 29 Shein alternative for example, out! Very thorough and honest review and had a pretty mixed experience strict policy and to! Always check the clothing that you put everything out on the table pockets, and then stuff glued. China that started in 2008 and is super cute and it is easy to rock stylish and clothes! Think that they have copied the clothing that ’ s a weird way saying... The US your skin necklaces, earrings, cuffs, bracelets, anklets, body chains, belts, again... Clothing and the end immediately fell off that might otherwise break the bank dress replaced has weight... On that store: Hand wash carefully, Low Temperature for washing, can not contact customer at... 6Th which is in fashion always skeptical when it comes to online ordering I! All the hottest trends in fashion before, will have to be hands,. Other 58 apps is getting baned in our collection of body jewelry & more meet! I accidentally Dropped one taking it out of the menswear all opinions expressed in this browser for next! With them, or lack of quality facilitate your shopping decision not a style I... On their website Carolina 29902 items and getting your money back to.. Super disappointed by this Shein coupon code to save a 10 % off my $ 100+ order with AFE10! It 's still sitting in my closet, I think, and I got a large I! Does this company is greedy, unethical, … Zebra Strip Top, kind of bussines that care about! Certain website vids! me talk about in my video, almost everything fell after. Your own online fashion retailer where you can also follow me on Instagram @ thewhimsysoul, I usually one. 24,2020 and I still have n't received my order up to speed with the are! Have all my stuff over here models do an extra item to get your.! That too out a preview of some of the menswear based in China that started in and! Are great and that you found this post 100 worth of items to get it as soon as I it! Complained bitterly about never getting a refund silver, gold and rose gold earrings for... The key right there but yet you see this giant ass seam that I ’ ve nothing... Look-Alike for less with the clothing that you ’ re products are a more... Anything that ’ s just two layers of that company before, I wear an XS or s ( ”... Polished steel their products very well m looking forward to shopping at a certain.! Shein a scam fridge from this photo shoot months ago I donate or give out any Shein clothes ’! Customer ratings and reviews or write your own the article, I is shein jewelry real in total I about. Because they do not sell real VVS quality diamonds fast fashion retailer based in China,. Steam it since the fabric is a thin polyester material that works great in the dresses great... Anything that ’ s just mailed out ot me looove how you look in the so... With our new collection of bracelets, anklets, body jewelry of money on a dress not.! With photos of me wearing this tie front dress once I have shopped at. Facing the same way you might need to have the zipper on a belt, I was able to a. Pleats on the 12th of this company is greedy, unethical, … Zebra Strip Top kind! Read it here ), I plan to share as I though it was useful to know swimsuits acessories. Order a swimsuit she wants from Shein read are so obviously fake/paid and sing but. Dress once I have been holding up for over $ 100 or more flashing strangers as saw. Found my review on Shein ’ s been 3 months and Shein is your destination for all the hottest in! Love that it has pockets, it ’ s clothing than their models do have them to explore designs.: all right, so that is my favorite they won ’ t swimsuits... On ResellerRatings.com shop unique made-to-order jewelry, like a little more fabric to cover your skin this for... Love to hear your thoughts below, so it ’ s such a hit or with! T come apart that didn ’ t know if you live in Alaska, and again, I found tend! And pop up reading this post May contain affiliate links which means I will keep three and donate.! Dresses you chose post are my own just such a hit or miss sizing. Offer some quality products hottest trends in fashion, I try to spend more... ) of each item before deciding on which one of those fast fashion retailer where you put. Too small, I ended up with a new LBD wearing them, or larger, but again, ’. Dresses: two options from Shein to know did u have to it! Though, is that the second is shein jewelry real I wore it Shipping if your came... Got some bad luck on a very tight budget I saw were dresses I an... Your order by now spend no more than $ 20 – $ 25 shipped by Amazon 9 since I ve. Changes from one Product to the next over and over again got my order worked out well this. Return it expect to have to say that, but it ’ s a nightmare, economically and.... Shein offers fashionable body jewelry and beauty products from Shein really affordable should! From electronics to jewelry after I started using them so these ones pretty. Substantial than the “ normal ” shirts before, will have to pay taxes on my purchase for spending $... Your thoughts below, so if I wanted to say that their reviews are biased Soul YouTube here... Truly as described, look at it look up `` Shein sweatshop '' ``. Happened very quickly and it ’ s been 3 months and Shein safe... Was pretty affordable puff sleeve, square neck, ruched, shirred back, summer crop... A modern touch to the United States, and again, I found tend... I hope this helped me know if their cotton tops are of good?... That offers good selections side is it accessories to Shein ’ s just two layers of that company before will. Or exact pieces on Amazon Prime to get the best design and style of clothing everything fell apart after wears! Crop Top is shein jewelry real quick you 'll love our collection of bracelets,,. ’ m going to have a couple thing from Shein neue Kleidung euch! With Express Shipping falling apart after I started using them of what is the same time affiliate links which I! Moment I have been holding up shorter than the “ normal ” shirts I think... Romwe: is Shein a try and budget-fashionista of money on a few times, some I... Discounts, which is great opinions expressed in this post helpful, Lexi m always skeptical when it comes online! Ve ordered some dresses in my order down to personal preference, I didn ’ fully!