God Bud has a wonderful sweet, berry / lavender aroma that emanates from the dense, often purple buds. God Bud was originally created by Jordan of … If you are looking for a ‘chill’ high, Blue Dream is precisely what you need. The God Bud strain (not to be confused with God's Gift) is a very euphoric and relaxing, Indica-dominant strain. Space queen is a nearly perfect strain in my opinion…it’s easy growing and it helps with pain and stress, makes me feel really relaxed, and definitely a good buy for the price…I smoke this mostly at night, it gives me the munchies and I just want pizza for days! Hybrid . Indica . Her heavy yields and strong effect have made BC God Bud an indica worthy of praise. With each rich inhale comes flavors of nutty vanilla and sweet skunky diesel. $100 OG. Cannabis Universe God Bud Ten Marijuana Seed Pack - Update 2020 sale Big Sale Buy Marijuana Seeds any 10 pack of cannabis seeds and get 5 free marijuana seeds Universe God Bud ten Seed Pack Flowers Faster than BC God Bud, Has More Crystals, tastes sweeter and way stronger stone. When God’s Green Crack is burnt in a pipe or a joint, it gives off a thick and incense-like smoke that is nevertheless very easy to inhale. If so, continue reading to get info on just about every strain known to man with our ultimate guide to a cannabis list of strains! Hybrid . The memorably-named God Bud rose from underground fame in Canada’s medical pot community to international acclaim when BC Bud Depot debuted her as a commercial strain in 2004. As soon as he had about 240 good seeds from the first harvest he immediately divided them. You've Julian Burnley (verified customer) 2020-09-28 God’s Gift cannabis plants have been known to top out around 27% THC, earning it a place among the strongest marijuana strain’s on the market. Multiverse God Bud Seeds Returning to Space The first harvest was August 2014, and Mr. BC Seeds concentrated solely on seed production. … Sativa . On the exhale, this smoke tastes woodsy and slightly floral. God’s Gift. A lot of strains contain less than 1% CBD, but Blue Dream can have a CBD content of up to 2%. God’s Treat. God’s Space Needle is ideal for new and experienced growers who seek a little more head space with their God Bud. Breaking open or grinding up these flowers gives off a rich, hashy scent that may be passed on from parent strain God Bud. Can be grown either indoors or outdoors, in grow tents or commercial spaces by personal or craft growers. The Blue Dream strain is a slightly sativa-dominant (60%) hybrid. FLOWERING TIME 55- 65 days. Placing seeds into 10 groups of 24 seeds. Hybrid . Sensi Star P-91. Outer Space. This potent bud brings on the powerful effects and highly addictive flavor, flawlessly fusing those of its parent strains. https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Spacegod/Pure_Michigan_Genetics Its lineage consists of both Sativa and Indica parents, but the effects of God Bud are almost entirely from its Indica side. 1 Eyed Jamaican ... God Bud. God Bud. Thus, one can expect the high to be strong and enveloping, and one is not disappointed. TYPE Indica / Sativa. Godberry. This pot is strong, I mean really, really strong. This isn’t a purely indica strain, rather an indica dominant hybrid born from Hawaiian and Purple Skunk strains. Its THC content has been recorded as high as 27%, so this strain packs a real punch. BC God Bud is short, squat and dense, with plenty of silvery resin. Users have reported having a near hallucinogenic high from God Bud, this strain is not for the feint of heart. I\'ve looked for this strain for 11 years and found it here got the 5 pack droped 2 one popped and growing good so far and maybe it was the free one but still will order again. A MEDICAL GROWER. The aroma is just as delicious with an earthy pungency accented by sugary skunky diesel and a touch of vanilla. Indica .